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Design of New Low-Rise Commercial, Mercantile, and Office Buildings, Part 1

Lecturer:  Vincent A Ettari, PE

In this course, Mr. Ettari will discuss the preliminary steps and issues which are involved in the planning and design of low-rise buildings which will contain commercial, mercantile, or office uses.  Those issues which will be discussed in this course are as follows:

         Existence of the International Code Council and the International Building Code.

         Applicability of the New York State Building Code in New York State

         Applicability of the 2008 New York City Building Code for Premises and Properties located in New York City

         Applicability of Other Supplemental Regulations for Building Construction adopted by other Municipalities located in New York State

         Grandfathering of Existing Building and Uses

         The Applicability and Use of Reference Standards

         Zoning Requirements for the Placement of Buildings and Structures on Sites

         Need For Property Surveys

         Need For Topography of the Premises Discussion on how to Generate Topographies

         Sewage Disposal Issues for the Proposed Building

         Wetlands Issues

         Flood Plain Issues

         Design of Means of Egress for Handicapped and Non-Handicapped Persons

         Design of Stairways and Ramps

         Americans with Disabilities Act

         Identification of the Live Loads which a Structure must be able to Support

         Differentiating Between the Effects of Live Point Loads vs. Uniform Live Loads

         Determination and Computation of the Dead Loads of the Structure

         Determination and Computation of Environmental Loads which the Structure must be able to Support.

         Determination of Loads on, and from, Cabinetry

         Determination of Loads on Grab-bars, Handrails and Guardrails

         Determination of Loads on Sidewalks and Driveways

         Determination of Loads on Decks and Deck Railings